Win big with the generous slots

Dead or alive in game screen

Before choosing an online slot, players often inquire about its most important qualities, such as image, sound, jackpot amount, or special game rounds to ensure you have a premium gaming experience.

In this article we will talk about the special rounds, or bonus games of slot machines. These gaming features have become one of the top draws of today’s online slot machines, not only because they increase the chances of winning more prizes, but also because they add more entertainment to the game.

Discover below 3 of the online slots with the most generous special rounds on the market and go ahead and try them for hours of absolute fun.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Online slots developed by the NetEnt team are famous in the industry for offering many rounds of special games to bettors. This fantasy-themed Jack and the Beanstalk slot features a coveted worldwide bonus game. Its main feature is that it gives free spins to those who are victorious from its special game function, but in addition to that, it also allows to give new uses to the Wild symbol of the slot machine to improve the chances of winning. For example, you can use Wild to get coin bag symbols that represent incredible prizes.

Dead or Alive

Another slot developed by NetEnt, but which belongs to a completely different topic from the previous title. With Dead or Alive, players are transported to the North American Wild West, and will be able to play with symbols such as “wanted” signs, the town’s Sheriff’s badge, cowboy boots, and many more, while enjoying a typical soundtrack for that stage.

Being a slot machine with only 9 paylines, Dead or Alive does not have a special game round like those usually seen in the market. Here the appeal of the game is the free spins features and the sticky Wilds that can lead to many consecutive wins. A positive thing about this slot machine is that regardless of the amount of your bet, you can always choose these special features.

Gonzo’s revenge

The stunning 3D graphics of this NetEnt-developed slot machine aren’t the only draw that seduces gamers around the world; its special game rounds also have credit for the popularity of this slot machine. In Gonzo’s Quest the “The Avalanche” feature drops symbols faster on the reels to generate more winning combinations.

With that special feature you can get profits that are multiplied by 15 in free spins rounds, something incredible. Even though it has only one special round, that doesn’t turn out to be an impediment for players to win great prizes, including the coveted jackpot that can take them to El Dorado.