The new Kingdoms Rise slot

Kingdom rise promotional art

At Slot Machines, we always recognize excellence, which is why Merkurmagic Casino is part of the most exclusive and prominent online casinos. Once again Merkurmagic Casino expands its recreational offer, and the recent launch of PlayTech is now at your disposal: the new Kingdoms Rise series.

PlayTech, the world leader in gaming technologies, recently announced its new creation. Since 1999, the iGaming provider offers cutting-edge software, services and technology in the gaming and betting industry. Their products are always very popular in casinos and other leisure activities companies. It has an integrated platform with omnichannel technology, Playtech ONE, where it provides responsible gaming solutions in online and retail products. Now, with the idea of ​​promoting the real participation of enthusiastic users, PlayTech has developed the Kingdoms Rise series based on a novel reward system.

Kingdoms Rise Slots are designed around a fantasy world made up of different kingdoms. The series originally started with three titles, but PlayTech has already released a fourth slot. The Kingdoms Rise saga is based on a video game. Its most innovative feature is the opportunity for players to earn tokens. These can be exchanged for functions in the Kingdoms Rise Store, from any of the games in the series.

Making the saga bigger

Merkurmagic already has the new PlayTech saga, and from Slot Machines you can register at Merkurmagic Casino and enjoy the entire Kingdoms Rise series. Don’t forget to also take advantage of the attractive Bonuses and Promotions that this remarkable casino offers you. Check out our Merkurmagic Casino review right away and find out about all their fabulous offers.

Merkurmagic Casino currently incorporates three of the Kingdoms Rise series Slots: Forbidden Forest, Guardians of the Abyss, and Sands of Fury. However, PlayTech has already announced the launch of the Reign of Ice game as the fourth slot in the series. The notable provider is expected to continue working to add new titles to the saga.

All the games in this extraordinary saga are interconnected through an innovative map function. With it, players can explore the entire Kingdoms Rise universe. It will also give them the option to head directly from one game to another in the series.

The map also contains information on the games to come. In this way, the faithful players will already be aware of the new PlayTech releases in Kingdoms Rise. The games in this series also have a Progressive Network Jackpot. This is configurable at three levels and has daily, limited, and accumulated jackpots, in each offer.

In the first game, from any slot in the saga, each player will receive 50 game chips (GT) and 50 pending chips (PGT). Through each game, and at no additional cost, players will be able to earn more chips while playing. These can be used to unlock additional content in the form of game-specific features as well as bonus rounds. For every two GT tokens a player gets, they will also be awarded a PGT token. Both types of chips are part of the RTP of the Slots. The original reward structure gives players the power to choose. Knowing which function to play, when to play it, and in which game is an innovative concept in this competitive industry. A key point is also that the chips can be exchanged for features for any game, regardless of which slot they won. These features will undoubtedly make a difference by providing a great gaming experience for Kingdoms Rise players.